Adidas Estadio Team II

adidas estadio team backpack II

Carry Your Soccer Ball In Your Bag

adidas estadio team backpack II ball carrier

A zipper on the left side of the bag will open a U-shaped compartment. Inside this compartment is another mesh pocket meant to hold soccer balls.

The picture shows the ball being carried in the exposed position. Alternatively it is also possible to push the ball in the mesh ball carrier into the main compartment of the bag and zip it in. You can therefore, carry the ball around without anybody seeing it.

As an alternative to having a special compartment for your soccer ball you can simply carry it around or put it in together with your other stuff in a big enough bag.

Here are the advantages of the mesh ball carrier and specialized compartment to carrying by hand or putting it in a big bag:

  • There is less chance of misplacing the ball if you have it in the bag with you
  • It's really great to keep both hands free rather than have one carrying a socccer ball.
  • When you don't want to play, it is worthwhile to keep other people from playing with your ball
  • Keeping your ball in your bag allows you to protect your ball from dirt and damage.
  • Bagging your ball will prevent your ball from accidentally rolling or bouncing and causing accidents.
  • Having a separate compartment for your ball keeps your bag from getting messy
  • Separating your ball from your other stuff reduces the risk of the soccer ball getting damaged or stained.

A Separate Compartment For Your Soccer Cleats

adidas estadio team backpack II side pocket

Playing soccer in the mud: glorious. Putting those dirty soccer cleats in your bag after the game:not so glorious.

What you need:

  • A separate compartment to keep your dirty shoes from your other gear
  • The compartment has to be waterproof because your shoes would most likely be wet
  • The compartment should be ventilated to prevent both mildew and odor from building up

The shoe compartment you want is on one side of the bag and is highlighted in the image above. Adidas calls it FreshPAK. It's actually a recessed pocket that goes into the bag and has all the features we listed.

And Now, A Compromise

The Adidas Estadio Team Backpack II has a volume of 39 liters or 2,400 square inches. Considering that the typical daypack gives you 25 to 30 liters, the space seems more than ample. Unfortunately, the number does not tell the whole story.

Bear in mind that both the ball mesh pocket and the shoe compartment extend into the main compartment. That means that with the ball and shoes in the bag you get significantly less than 39 liters - maybe around 30 liters or 1.800 cubic inches.

That said, you still get a daypack's worth of space for your other stuff.

Room For The Small Stuff

Keys, cellphones, USBs, you've got small stuff and you need a place for them. This backpack gives you three pockets for the small stuff. The first one is in the inside of the bag in the back wall of the main compartment. The other two are highlighted below.

adidas estadio team backpack II other side pocket

Both pockets are external zipped pockets. The first one is designed as a quick access pocket and is right in front of the bag. Think subway or toll cards and IDs. The next one is on the side of the bag opposite the shoe compartment. This one is bigger and bulkier.

A Place For Your Water Bottle

See this area of the bag?

adidas estadio team backpack II water pocket

This is an elastic mesh pocket for your water bottle. Just where you want it: easy to reach for instant hydration.

Load It Up And Carry It Comfortably

Let's take a look at the back of this backpack for it's comfort features.

adidas estadio team backpack II back

The shoulder straps incorporate a design called LoadSpring; as the name implies, these help bear the weight of your pack. Additionally, the straps have a porous construction called Climacool.

Considering that this bag isn't that big to begin with and soccer gear is by nature light, these comfort features are overkill. And that's exactly what you want in terms of comfort features - overkill.

Take A Closer Look

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