Adidas Backpack Guide

Common Features of All Adidas Backpacks.

All Adidas backpacks have a sporty design.

All Adidas backpacks incorporate LoadSpring technology in their straps. LoadSpring is a shock absorbing feature giving the strap elaticity.

The Basic Adidas Backpack

My choice for the basic Adidas backpack is the Striker .

adidas striker backpack

The Striker serves a template for other Adidas backpacks as we shall see later, with the other backpacks adding this or that feature to the Striker's baseline offerings.

The first thing the Striker brings to the table is lots of space.

Then we have a dual compartment design.

Next, we have two pockets and then mesh water bottle pockets on each side.

The Striker finishes off with a padded back panel sn LoadSpring shoulder straps.

Basic Plus

Building on top of the Striker we have the Adidas Foundation and the Adidas Mission .

adidas foundation backpack     adidas mission backpack

The Striker features are retained by both backpacks with the addition of a sleeve for 15" laptops.

Another difference is that you get a vertical zipped external pocket on the Mission while the foundation sports a more conventional horizontal zipped pocket.

The Adidas Excel takes the features of the Foundation and Mission and adds utility loops to the exterior of the backpack for more carrying optons.

adidas excel backpack

Building on top of the Adidas Excel, the Adidas Prime adds a sleeve for a tablet.

adidas prime backpack

More Distinction Please

The backpacks discussed previously are solid durable and dependable backpacks but if you're looking for a bit more from Adidas consider the Adidas Strength .

adidas strength backpack

Like the others the Strength has dual compartments and LoadSpring.

No mesh water bottle pockets on the Strength though. You get a zippered cooler pocket.

Instead of two external quick access pockets you get three - two lined pockets an and a big perforated front pocket.

And the laptop compartment can hold 17" laptops

The Specialists

So far we've been talking about Adidas backpacks that are great all-around packs. Now let's look at two offerings from Adidas that cater to a specific niche.

First is the Adidas Estadio , a backpack designed with football in mind.

adidas estadio backpack

The Estadio incorporates space for the soccer ball and cleats.

Our next specialist is a sling backpack.

adidas capital backpack

The Capital Sling attempts to give you the best of both worlds. The capcity of a full-size backpack, or nearly so, and the unique look and utiility of a sling.

That's it for our roundoup of Adidas backpacks.

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