Packing Guides

guy in a suit

How To Pack A Suit

It turns out there is more than one way to pack a suit. The best way to learn is to see it done.

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airplane taking off

How To Pack Luggage

There is an art to packing. A technique. Done well, it will make you look forward not just to the trip but to packing your bag or bags for the trip. This is what this article is about.

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Packing Tips

Welcome! These are hard won gems of traveling wisdom. Check them out. Use what you can and discard the rest. Happy Travels!

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working out

What You Should Bring To The Gym

If you're going to the gym for the first time or if you've gone to the gym and found out that you didn't put enough thought on what to bring with you, this article is for you.

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girl in the snow

Winter Packing List For Women

Vacationing in the snows? Here's a helpful list of what you should bring for a great winter getaway.

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