Case Logic DLBP-116

Case Logic DLBP-116 Backpack

What need is this bag attempting to fill?

This bag can accommodate laptops up to 16 inches in a special padded compartment with thick padding on the bottom to protect against shocks when putting down the bag. That's from the inside, from the outside, the bag is water resistant, so light rain and accidental spills shouldn't damage your gear.

case logic dlbp 116

Aside from the laptop, the main storage area can accommodate a few more items. A thick jacket perhaps or two thick textbooks.

Further storage is possible with three other storage areas : A felt-lined storage on top of the bag for items with screens that need to be protected form scratches (small game gadgets like the Nintendo 3DS will makes a good fit here); then a bigger zippered accessory organizer pocket on the front of the bag with a secured zipper pocket inside. This front pocket uses an elevated design, the idea is gadgets on top level and chargers below.

case logic dlbp 116

The last main storage area are drink pockets on the side with zippered storage for small items.

You'll get padded shoulder straps which are spaced a bit wider than usual to evenly distribute the load on the shoulders. Additional comfort is provided by an air mesh in the shoulder and back area, this is to guard against sweating against your pack.

Quality is backed by a 25-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

What need is this bag NOT attempting to fill?

Beyond the laptop, and accessories storage is limited but the upside is the bag is light - only 1.5 lbs. when empty.

Some other stuff about this bag

One interesting feature is the strap management system that keeps excess strap rolled up - this is a feature that I've been looking for quite some time now - I tend to take care of excess straps by creating some 'innovative' knots.

The traditional, and extremely handy, top grab handle is provided.

You'll have a choice of four colors : black, dark gray, red and deep purple

case logic dlbp 116

See the Case Logic DLBP-116 in action:

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