High Sierra Scrimmage Backpack

High Sierra Scrimmage Backpack

Your kid is growing up fast and you're looking forward to that wonderful day. That day when you don't have to buy him a new bag everytime he starts the school year because his old backpack simply didn't survive a year's rough treatment.

That day has arrived with the High Sierra Scrimmage . The experience of numerous users testify to the toughness of this bag. It's no accident that this bag was named 'Scrimmage'. 'Scrimmage' means 'a brutal or vigorous struggle' - like the one your kid gives his or her bag during the school year.

Aside from durability, let's take a closer look at what this bag has to offer.

A LOT of Space

High Sierra Scrimmage Backpack main compartment

How much space? Enough. 'Enough' is a different concept for different people but that's how much space the High Sierra Scrimmage has. I say that because no one who has ever used this bag has ever complained of running out of space. So how much space? Enough.

A Sleeve for a 17 Inch Laptop

This is worth mentioning because for those of you who've had experience with a lot of different backpacks only a few of them can accommodate 17 inch laptops. So if you do have a desktop replacement laptop, the Scrimmage has a place for that monster.

Secondary Compartments

Right in front of the bag is a small zipped pocket for quick access. Keys, tickets, loose change. Stuff like that.

Behind the small zipped pocket is a bigger pocket with a simple organizer section.

The last zipped pocket is the middle one between the organizer pocket and the main compartment. It's just a sizeable empty space but I like this one a lot because you can put shoes here or a change of clothing or use it as a hamper for used clothing after a school game - things like that.

Carrying Your Big Bag

High Sierra Scrimmage Backpack back view

You'll get a cushioned back panel, and - because of the load capacity of the bag - the shoulder straps have a suspension system giving them a bit of bounce to absorb the shock of heavy loads. Mesh material in the straps should also aid in cooling during long walks.

High Sierra Scrimmage Backpack being worn

The High Sierra Scrimmage has a simple approach to meet the needs of anyone who might consider it - give lots of space. Other than that the Scrimmage has one more focus: Be tough. Be very tough. If you've got a small graveyard of backpacks that just couldn't take the punishment, it's time to try the Scrimmage.

Here's a visual tour of the High Sierra Scrimmage Backpack:

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High Sierra Scrimmage Backpack