High Sierra Swerve Backpack

High Sierra Swerve Backpack

You're a college student with a full load of coursework but your also a nature lover who occassionally goes out camping and hiking. Is there a bag that you can use for all your activities?

Yes. The High Sierra Swerve Backpack was designed for you. Attending your classes and hitting the trails is a simple matter of changing the contents of your bag. This one backpack is strong enough and flexible enough to be your faithful companion in both school and the wild.

Let's take a closer look . . .

Big Space

This bag begins by assuming that you need lots of space whether you're going around the campus or spending the night in the woods.

With this bag, you get 39 liters or 2400 cubic inches of space. Looking at dedicated hiking packs, small packs would come it at 25 to 30 liters, big packs come in at 50+ liters. So this bag, at almost 40 liters, is quite sizeable - chances are, its all the space you need.


Contrary to claims, this bag doesn't have hundreds of pockets. It just sometimes feels that way. What I like about it is even though it gives you a lot of pockets, this doesn't jeopardize the big empty storage spaces that you have every right to expect from this bag.

Let's go visit some pockets . . .

High Sierra Swerve Backpack organizer pocket

Right up front, the first pocket contains an extensive organizer to keep your pens, notepads and other small items. For school. Flashlights, firestarters and maps out in the wild.

Next we have the zippered pocket right on top of the organizer pocket as shown below.

High Sierra Swerve Backpack small pocket

This is a simple small space for your handkerchief when your sweating it out while taking that exam. Kidding. Not.

Now let's look at the top view of this bag for the main compartments. But first, a final pocket.

High Sierra Swerve Backpack hanging pocket

The pocket highlighted above is a hanging pocket.

Okay, now for the big ones. Here's the zipper that leads to the fully padded laptop compartment.

High Sierra Swerve Backpack laptop access

Now here's the main compartment.

High Sierra Swerve Backpack main compartment

It's a particular feature of the High Sierra Swerve that you can access your laptop through the main compartment pocket AND through the laptop compartment pocket right near your back. The idea is to give you an option to access your computer without disturbing the contents of the main compartment. I can't think of anything that you would not want to disturb though. Will you by any chance be transporting a whole backpack of ping pong balls? I don't know.

By the way, the High Sierra Swerve laptop sleeve can accommodate 17-inch laptops. Oh yes, I almost forgot, there's also a tablet sleeve in front of the laptop sleeve. And don't forget, main compartment is cavernous.

And it doesn't end there. There is another pocket.

High Sierra Swerve Backpack secondary pocket

This one is half the size of the main compartment but just as deep. I'm thinking documents in school and soiled clothing on the trail.

And of course let's not forget hydration.

High Sierra Swerve Backpack side mesh pocket

Campus walk or nature walk you get two mesh water bottle pockets, one on each side.

Comfort and Tougness

High Sierra Swerve Backpack back view

Because of this pack's big load capacity, you get shoulder straps with a suspension system. The straps acts like a shock absorber by having a bit of bounce. These straps work in tandem with the cushioned back panel to give some comfort. The back panel is not only cushioned, it is designed to keep air circulating while you have the pack on your back. The last weapon in the arsenal to ensure your comfort is pretty important: compression straps. It's a big space and, let's face it, you shouldn't be pressured to fill up this huge space. The problem is, if you don't fill it up, all those items moving inside will ultimately cause fatigue whether your going around campus or exploring the outdoors. Therefore, the compression straps. Latch everything down tight and keep yourself stable.

This bag has been proven tough by the testimonies of countless many users. And it should be tough if its going to be your one bag for school and the outdoors. The material is Ripstop Duralite and it is as its name implies - tough and light.

Get this backpack from Amazon. .

Here's more about this bag:

Get this backpack from Amazon. .

High Sierra Swerve Backpack being worn

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High Sierra Swerve Backpack