SwissGear ScanSmart 1900

SwissGear ScanSmart SA1900 Backpack

Have A Hassle-Free Checkpoint Experience

The question has to be asked: What's with airport security and laptops?

The answer is that the inside of a laptop can be a container for substances or components considered dangerous by airport security. To make sure these items aren't being hidden in laptops, they have to scan our computers. Airport security are trained to recognize valid laptop components from suspicious elements, but in order to do so, the scanning equipment must have unobstructed access to the laptop. No bag items, materials, and extraneous bag pockets must get in the way. This is where the concept of 'checkpoint-friendly' bags comes in. Here are some checkpoint- friendly bag configurations.

checkpoint friendly bag styles

As you can see, these configurations give scanners an unobstructed view of the laptop without the need to take the computer out of the bag. Otherwise, the security personnel can insist that the laptop be physically removed for individual scanning. Such a small thing, but this can cause long lines and frayed nerves.

ScanSmart is SwissGear's version of the checkpoint-free bag. The ScanSmart 1900 opens up like so:

swissgear scansmart 1900 lying flat

Just unzip the backpack, lay it flat, have it run through the scanner, zip it back up,and go on your way.

Storage For An iPad And A Laptop

These days, almost all backpacks have a laptop compartment but not many have space for a tablet. This one does. Best of all, your tablet will be directly opposite the laptop when this bag lies flat for scanning at the airport. So you don't have to take out your tablet for inspection.

Here is the laptop compartment:

swissgear scansmart 1900 laptop compartment

Good for laptops up to 17-inches.

Here is the tablet compartment:

swissgear scansmart 1900 tablet compartment

An Organizer

The front organizer is located in the bottom front pocket.

swissgear scansmart 1900 organizer pocket

It's easy to underestimate this feature of the bag. the first thing is that it's located in a zippered front pocket. This means easy access. And what are the things you'll be storing here? Pens, pads, flash drives, loose change, keys. Things that you want quick access to. You don't have to rummage through the inside of the bag. Everything is right up front.

Plus it's an organizer for small items. This is an important detail. How many flash drives have you lost? How many times have you been unable to find something as simple as a pen when you really needed it? The small items are tha ones that need to be organized, so this simple little front pocket is one of the things that will really bring more ease to your day.

Quick Access Pocket

Here's the quick access pocket.

swissgear scansmart 1900 quick access pocket

Passports, maps, subway tickets? Just put them here and have zippered quick access to the things you need on the go.


Two pockets for water bottles.

swissgear scansmart 1900 water pocket

Secondary Storage

Both sides of the bag have two substantial storage pockets.

swissgear scansmart 1900 side pockets

The thing about these side pockets that I really like is they are deep. How many times have you had an item that was too long for a regular pocket? These pockets go down the length of the bag.

Main Compartment

Right across from the laptop compartment, on the other size of the zipper that runs all around so you can lay your bag flat, is the main compartment.

swissgear scansmart 1900 main compartment

Here's a sample of what can be put into this backpack:

  • small stuff: compact camera, shaver, charger, toothbrush and toothpaste
  • 12 shirts
  • underwear
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 sweater
  • 1 pair of pants
  • 5 pairs of socks

All this plus the laptop.

Quality You Can See

The thick material (the bag is 4 pounds when empty) and the rugged zippers have many people commenting on this bag's obvious quality.

If you buy this backpack here's what you get:

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