Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack by Osprey

If you know you're going to do a lot of connecting flights or bus and train transfers, or maybe a lot of moving around in uneven terrain, you should reconsider wheeled luggage and go for a backpack instead - it's going to be more convenient for these kinds of trips. For this kind of travel the best travel backpack is the Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack by Osprey.

Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack by Osprey

Osprey is an American company that designs and makes it's bags in Vietnam and tests them in the Colorado backcountry.

The Osprey Farpoint series is perfect for either a multi-city trip or for two or three days of backcountry adventures.

This bag sits right in the middle of the Farpoint family, you can also get the smaller Farpoint 40 or the bigger Farpoint 70

Main Pack + Daypack

'55' means 55-liter capacity (3,400 cubic inches). Maybe I should say "total" capacity because the Farpoint 55 is actually two backpacks in one: the main pack and a daypack. The main pack has 40 liters of carrying space while the daypack has 15 liters. Why a separate daypack you ask? Well, one example is mountain climbing. High altitude mountain climbers typically acclimatize to get used to the thinner air - that is to say, they set up camp on a particular level of their climb then they go up to a higher level for the day after which they go back down to their base camp to spend the night. It's referred to as "climb high, sleep low". If a mountain climber were to bring the Farpoint 55 for such a trip the main pack would stay in basecamp while the daypack would journey up the mountain. For less, um, outdoorsy activities, like booking a traditional tour package, the main pack could stay in the hotel while the daypack could go with you on the tour bus.

The day pack is secured to the main pack by a straightjacket design. It is, of course, removable. More than that, there is s apecial link that allows you to attach the smaller daypack to the main pack straps so that you have the main pack on your back while the daypack is up front (kangaroo style) where it can contain stuff that you want to be easily accessible. This kind of arrangement also has better weight balance while walking.

Superior Materials

osprey farpoint 55 logo up close

The pack is made of lightweight yet extremely tough nylon material. It's not just fabric though, inside the bag is an aluminum frame that helps distribute weight, maintain shape, and adds extra toughness. All this comes in at just 2 pounds when empty. Brilliant.

The pack harness ia a unisex design. This bag comes in two sizes. If you find the 55 liter M/L size too big for your body type go for the 52 liter S/M size.

Comfort and Convenience Features

A spacer back panel keeps your back well-ventilated as you carry the backpack.

The backpack straps and hip belt of this bag can be zipped up into the back of the bag. This is great because the Farpoint 55 doesn't make carry-on dimensions so if, or when, you check it in, you can stash the straps to keep the bag streamlined while its being thrown around by the baggage handlers (not kidding about the throwing around). Alternatively, you can hide the straps and lug this bag around like a duffel bag using the side or top handles

The hipbelt is secured by a patented ErgoPull closure.

It has straps were you can attach your rolled sleeping pad and these straps are removable.

Externally, the backpack has numerous gear attachment points.

The adjustable sternum strap comes with a rescue whistle.

Pack It Like A Suitcase

osprey farpoint 55 logo strap detail

The main compartment is accessible by a zipper that goes all the way to all three sides of the bag allowing you to pack it like it was a suitcase. Also, this kind of design, known as a front-loader, makes it easy to access anything in the bag even if it's in the bottom area. The zipper pulls of the main compartment are lockable. Locks have to be bought separately though. This compartment has cavernous space and a mesh area where you can keep some stuff separate.

The backpack can hold a week's worth of clothes plus the usual accessories like cameras and other gear. No one has ever complained about this bag not having enough space. Fully packed, this bag will weigh around 35 pounds. That is serious carrying capacity by any measure.

Users recommend using this bag in tandem with packing tubes , packing half-cubes and packing cubes.

Based on user experience, this bag was built for roughing it. If you want the kind of backpack that simply will not break on you, you should be looking at the Farpoint.

Here's more on the Farpoint 55.

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Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack by Osprey