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10 Items For Your Business Trip

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Wouldn't you rather you were born into money than have to work for a living? For those of you who said yes, thank you for your honesty. For those of you who said no, keep on plugging, soon enough you'll see the light - or rather, the darkness. Well boo, no amount of bellyaching can change the fact that bills will have to be paid and you're stuck working a job. You might even have to take a business trip or maybe a bunch of business trips.

in line with the fairly depressing tone of this article, let's look at a business trip as a series of problems that need to be solved and the things you can bring on your trip to solve them. Here are ten things that will make your burden a bit lighter . . .

Problem: You are unable to charge your laptop and gadgets because different countries have their unique electrical outlet configuration

Solution: A portable plug adapter
We recommend:
1. Ceptics Small Size Worldwide International Travel Plug Adapter Kit

ceptics travel plug adapter

Here's why we like the Ceptics: First of all, it's small; described as 'pocket-sized' it won't cause any issues fitting inside the limited space you have for a weekend business trip. Next, even though it has a number of small components, everything can be neatly stored in a self-contained container. Next, the Ceptics was designed for use in 150 countries. Those are good odds. This adapter is for fitting into different standard plugs, it won't change or mess with the voltage in any way. Speaking of the voltage, it's good for appliances from 100 to 250 volts.

Problem: You are in the middle of your tripand you have to fill up some forms or sign a guest book but you don't have anything to write with and neither has anyone else

Solution: Bring your own pen
We recommend:
2. LAMY Pico Pen

lamy pico pen

The Lamy Pico has a big enough diameter so it won't be easy to overlook and leave behind, you know, if you're the type that always forget your pen. The matte silver finish should also show up nicely against the dark lining of your luggage making the pen easy to spot in a hurry. It might be on the fat side, but the Lamy has a great portability feature that allows you to shorten it up for storage. Lamy designed this pen for everyday use and durability and has Lamy's smooth, fluid writing action.

Problem: You want to have the internet as you go country hopping. Not need. Want. Who says only thoee who NEED something should get it. WANT should be more than good enough. If you've got the cash here's the trash . . .

Solution: get a wifi hotspot
We recommend:
3. Verizon Wireless MHS291L Jetpack 4G LTE Global Ready Mobile Hotspot

verizon jetpack mobile hotspot

Wireless, high-speed internet service on over 200 countries! And its eaay to use. You'll be able to connect a whopping 10 devices in 4G and half that in 3G. That and 15 hours of battery life.

Problem: You're business trip is so hectic you have to fight for a measly few hours of sleep. But the road warrior has to keep on fighting. You need an energy boost. A legal energy boost.

Solution: Starbucks instant coffee
We recommend:
4. Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Colombia Coffee

starbucks via instant coffee

Uh oh, it's instant. Yes it is, as in: pour in some hot water and you're good to go. Because it's Starbucks this is 100% Colombian Arabica ethically sourced. Oh yeah, this one has Starbuck's signature walnut flavor.

Problem: You're beginning to feel crowded in.The noise of the cities your going to is starting to make you edgy. Even a simple plane ride has you hankering for some privacy, a quiet somewhere - anywhere.

Solution: Noise cancelling headphones
We recommend:
5. Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

bose quietcomfort 25 headphones

The noise reduction capability of this headphone is no joke. Noise reduction has a separate power source, you need to put in AAA batteries. After that, ambient sound just fades away. Put this on anywhere and you're in a quiet place - your keep it together for just one more meeting, one more presentation, one more spreadsheet. Outside of the noise reduction your left with just really great headphones for your music.

Problem: You need the light on to sleep at night but you're hotel bathroom lights are not an option because you say they're too bright but the truth is you keep imagining Jack the Ripper's shadow on the floor - and you're fifty and father of four or something.

Solution: LED night light
We recommend:
6. Maxxima MLN-50 5 LED Night Light With Sensor

maxxima led night light

These are very bright 5-LED night lights. If you want more of a soft glow you've go to find something with fewer LEDs. That said, you can just leave these plugged in for your whole trip since the sensor will detect if you've turned on the hotel room light and the night light turns off only to turn on again when you've closed every other light for sleep. This should be robust enough to be your trip companion for years to come.

Problem: It seems that after you've packed all you office stuff you'll have to go half naked on the second day of your trip since you have no more space in your bag for clothes.

Solution: Compression bag
We recommend:

compression bag

Use this and get double the space for your clothes that you normally have. An extra would be the two compartments - you could use the other one as a mini-hamper for your return trip.

Problem: Something happened and your a nervous wreck at the airport and the fact that you keep losing track of things isn't helping.

Solution: Travel wallet
We recommend:
8. Leatherbay International Travel Leather Wallet

leather travel wallet

Sizewise this is 9 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide so bigger documents will fit. The leather looks good anywhere but the best part is the 5 pockets. At last, everything you need in one place.

Problem: Your hotel room desk is at this spot and you're using all the nearby wall plugs but you still need to plug in one more gadget and the socket is way over there.

Solution: Extension cord
We recommend:
9. RiteAV - 6 feet Power Extension Cord

6 foot extension cord

Six feet ought to do it. Fold up this heavy duty extension cord and you're good to go.

Problem: You're sharing a room and your roomate is doing an all-nighter or you're on the plane and really need to sleep.

Solution: Sleep mask
We recommend:
10. Alaska Bear Pure Silk Sleep Mask

sleep mask

Hypoallergenic mask made of mulberry silk. Minimal eye pressure for maximum comfort. And, best of all, this will put you in total darkness.

And with that. Back to the grind, people. Back to the grind. Thanks for stopping by.

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