Travel Primer:

Things To Consider When Going On A Weekend Trip

airliner taking off

The Three M's

It is very likely that you'll need these three things on a weekend trip. Money. Medication and Mmmm, your passport. Sounds funny and even obvious but just wait till you forget one of these. Won't seem so obvious then and absolutely not funny. Pack the three M's first.


The Other Things That You'll Need

Need means if you don't bring it you can't get it where you're going. These things usually form the core for why you're going to the trip anyway. Your computer. Those important papers you have to get signed. An engagement ring. Some medical results. Need means a very short list but an important one. The the exact list is unique to you and the nature of your trip. Pack these second.

If you forget something and you can buy it where you're going and it won't cost much, that's not a need and you should pack these things last.

You Won't Need A Lot Of Clothes For Two Days

Try to avoid looking like your immigrating when packing for a weekend trip.

Also, remember that there will be laundry service where you're going.


That said, if it's a casual getaway consider only bringing one pair of shoes - the one you'll be wearing on the flight. Let the flip flops take up the bag space.

Knowing how to put together clothes ensembles isn't just a fashion skill it's also a wonderful way to pack less clothing yet do more with them. Business trip? We've all heard about how a grey suit is a wonderful all-arounder.

Another reason to pack lightly is because you want that extra space in your bag to bring some stuff in from your vacation.

Make the Right Luggage Choice

The backpack you use at work is probably too small. The suitcase you used for that ten day trip to South Korea is overkill.

You need something with a lot of compartments and a big enough space. Yet something that is still relatively small compared to other luggage. I prefer duffel designs for weekender duties because the design can accomodate most anything you want to carry no matter how unconventional the shape. Find one with lots of pockets and that would be an ideal bag. Something like the Bluboon Travel Duffel would be a good choice.

Create Compartments In Your Luggage

Here's another tip: packing cubes . Or if you're willing to simplify, plastic bags. It's a great way to create small compartments within your luggage. It's also handy if you have to store something wet on the trip.

You Only Have Two Days

Two days can go by very fast when you're at home. When you're on a trip it can go lightning fast.

Please don't arrive and then - and only then - try to find out what you're going to see or do.

Have an itinerary so you can hit the ground running and maximize the time. When you see something wonderful and unexpected that you didn't plan for ditch that part of the plan and enjoy the serendipity.

Now go and have great weekend!

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