Dual Purpose Duffel Bag:

Clava One Pocket 20 Inch Duffel

Clava One Pocket 20 Inch Duffel

One Pocket Means Two Functions

The Clava has this:

exterior pocket of the Clava One Pocket 20 Inch Duffel

A big external pocket.

Are you an office worker or student who does something else with your day? Maybe the gym or a hobby? You need to carry a lot of stuff so you need a duffel bag but you need a separate space for that other thing you do. The Clava One Pocket is a unique offering that is perfect for your lifestyle.

You can use the duffel bag's main space for one part of your day then the large exterior pocket can hold what you need for the other part.

The Duffel Bag Fumble

The main advantage of a duffel bag is that cavernous space it gives you. The bad thing about duffel bags is that exact same space. Sometimes, when you need something you can't find it in that big uncompartmentalized area. It's the duffel bag fumble, you're on your knees rooting around for something that you know is there but you just can't find it.

You know what? Anything that strikes you as something you need to access fast, keep it in the Clava's exterior zipped pocket. You've got your easy access and at the same time you retain that big space. The best of both worlds.

Leather is Welcome

You can get the Clava in three colors: Tan, Black or Cafe. Whatever you choose you'll get it in leather.

The leather material actually supports the dual purpose function on this bag. Here's a sport duffel you can bring to the office. A school duffel you can take to a recital. Leather is welcome everywhere. Here's a a closer look at that leather:

leather detail of Clava One Pocket 20 Inch Duffel

Shoulder Strap

Undeniable utility, rich looks, that extremely useful exterior pocket. And don't forget the detachable shoulder shoulder strap.

This is your duffel. Buy it from Amazon .

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