Leather Duffel For Business Trips:

Baigio Leather Weekend Travel Duffel

Is A Business Duffel Bag An Oxymoron?

Yes it is until you see this:

Baigio Leather Weekend Travel Duffel

The Baigio Leather Weekend Travel Duffel is just that. Leather. And the material makes all the difference. Normally, you wouldn't think twice about discounting a duffel bag for business use. Duffel bags are very casual pieces, sporty even, and they just give a wrong message when you want to come across as a business professional. But not this duffel. This duffel can go with you on your business trip - it has enough space for 2 to 5 days worth of meetings, conferences and whatnot.

Crazy Horse Leather

That is the type of leather used in this duffel bag. What in the world is crazy horse leather?

Here's closer look at it:

Crazy Horse Leather

As you can see, crazy horse leather gives the bag an antique or distressed finish. A kind of retro look. The kind of look that is achieved with full grain leather after years of use.

Creating Crazy Horse leather begins with full grain leather then applying a wax on top of it. With the wax treatment any scratching, rubbing, or bending of the leather introduces bend lines and shades on the material.

Crazy horse leather may look a bit different but it retains the durability of the real leather that it is.

A Duffel Bag With A Laptop

You'll have to admit that this crazy leather duffel does look that part of a bag that can be used for business. More than that, it also has something that provides a business functionality: a compartment for your laptop.

Laptop compartment of the Baigio Leather Weekend Travel Duffel

Yes, a duffel bag with a laptop compartment. Now you can have the best of both worlds: the space of a duffel melded with the functionality of a business bag.

Travel Ready

The bag presents us with several points to commend its use as a travel bag:

  • Comes with a luggage tag (also leather). You don't have to buy a separate tag.
  • Shoulder strap.
  • Will fit in the overhead compartment.
  • Pack for up to five days of travel.
  • Brass studs on the bottom to protect the leather.

This is the one. Buy it on Amazon .

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Baigio Leather Weekend Travel Duffel