Packing Tips

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Welcome! These are hard won gems of traveling wisdom. Check them out. Use what you can and discard the rest. Happy Travels!

  • Rule of thumb: Pack three tops for every bottom

  • Choosing a dark color scheme for your clothes will hide stains

  • You only need three pairs of footwear: casual, formal and slippers

  • Build your travel wardrobe around one shoe color

  • Wrinkle resistant clothes are made of polyester blends, spandex, and wool.

  • Rather than bulky clothing bring multiple layers instead. They'll take less packing space and you'll be able to adapt to a range of temperatures by removing or adding layers as you see fit

  • Prints and textures hide creases and folds

  • Downy Wrinkle Releaser

  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them to prevent creases and to conserve space

  • Minimize creases by putting the same type of garments on top of each other and folding them together. The outermost garments won't wrinkle as much

  • For extremely delicate items wrap tissue paper around them before folding to prevent creases

  • Airlines differ slightly on carry-on size and baggage weight requirements. Be sure to check with your specific airline - especially if your traveling on a budgetairline

  • If your bag gets randomly selected for screening and it doesn't have a TSA-approved lock, airport authorities have the right to break the lock. TSA-approved locks have a special access port for TSA keys

  • If you had a hard time closing your luggage, so will airport inspectors but they won't be as fussy about random articles falling off and such. Overpacking is a bad idea

  • Use packing cubes to organize the contents of your luggage

  • Make a packing list

  • Airlines will allow you to take one personal item. Make it count and bring a backpack or tote

  • Pack assuming that you will be using laundry facilities on the road unless your going on a cruise - cruise laundry charges will be too expensive

  • Buy detergent at your destination but bring a stopper for your hotel sink. This will allow you to launder some select items at no cost

  • Your absolute essentials should be in your carry-on. Checked baggage is too risky for your must-haves

  • Don't forget to enjoy the trip!

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