Preparing For A Trip To Mexico


Make Sure Your Papers Are In Order

You need a passport to get into Mexico. Processing time is around two months. Actually, when traveling by land, the Mexicans may not ask you for your passport but you'll need to show it on your way out of Mexico. You really shouldn't even consider not having a passport - it is an internationally recognized ID that could spare you from a lot of hassle - and not only in Mexico.

Americans, Canadians and Europeans do not need a visa to go to Mexico as long as they don't stay beyond 180 days. Everybody else will need to apply for a visa. One caveat, if you are going to Mexico to work, do business, or study you will need a visa irregardless of your citizenship.

Get Your Shots

The following immunization shots are recommended before traveling to Mexico.

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rabies
  • Typhoid

That said, Mexico has excellent medical facilities. Bring a first-aid kit for when you are in one of the more remote areas or for emergencies.

¿Puedes hablar español?

Bring a Spanish phrase book . Many Mexicans speak English but expect fluency to drop as you go to the rural areas. Remember, trying to communicate using the local language, even just a phrase or two, will be greatly appreciated as a sign of goodwill by the locals.


The weather in Mexico is generally warm to hot. The exceptions are the higher elevations where it gets chilly from November to January. Hurricane season is from June to November. Beach season is from October to May.

Mexico is close to the equator so there is greater danger of sunburn because of the stronger sun.

Packing List For Mexico

Here are two packing lists. One for her and the other for him.

One word of advice: Pack as light as possible - if you can eliminate some items so much the better.This list is so you don't forget anything. Even so if you do forget, you can always buy it in Mexico right? Another thing to remember is that there are laundry services in Mexico so don't overpack. Here are the lists . . .

Her Packing List For Mexico

His Packing List For Mexico

Where To Put It All

Here's my recommended bag for Mexico:

delsey spinner

The Delsey Luggage Helium Aero 29 Inch Expandable Spinner Trolley .

Yes, it's gorgeous, and at 29-inches it's got a lot of space. Heavy when packed. Not to worry though, those four spinner wheels and the one-touch telescoping handle makes this luggage move effortlessly. Polycarbonate hardcase gives any fragile materials that much extra protection.

You also might be buying some Mexican souvenirs. In which case you should bring along a collapsible bag for the return trip.

Money Matters

Last, but not the least it's worthwhile to know that Mexico does have ATMs and money changers. You know, just in case you're planning to carry a lot of cash on your person when you go in - not the safest idea.

And with that. Bon voyage!

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