SwissGear ScanSmart 1923 Backpack

The best techie backpack is the the SwissGear A1923 Scansmart Backpack .

What Is This Backpack Designed For?

This is an I.T. oriented backpack that is designed for laptops, tablets, iPods, MP3 players, chargers, USB sticks and other technology gear. So if you need to carry a lot of technology with you, the SwissGear Scansmart A1923 Backpack is definitely a bag to consider.

What Is ScanSmart?

ScanSmart is a design feature aimed at making airport security checks fast and convenient. This bag has a zipper in the middle that opens it up like a clamshell while keeping the contents of the bag in place. So when you get to airport security just unzip the bag, lay it flat, the bag goes through the x- ray machine, and you're through. ScanSmart.

The Backpack Compartment

Laptop size

This bag accomodates up to a 17.3" inch laptop.

If your laptop is less than 17 inches the extra space can be used to accommodate an additional book or two.

A clever anti-theft feature

When wearing the backpack, the laptop compartment will be nearest your back. It is a zipped compartment but what is unusual is that the opening of this compartment only runs halfway on top of the bag - if you are facing the bag it's going to be along the right side of the bag.

This allows you to have easy access to your computer, but at the same time, the design makes it difficult for anybody else to lift your laptop from the bag without you noticing it.

Protecting your laptop

There are two lines of protection for your laptop:

  • First, the bag material is made of tough, reinforced fabric to keep out dust and water from your electronics.
  • Second, the laptop compartment is heavily padded to protect against shocks.

Fast Access To Your Essentials

Would you appreciate quick, one-zip access to your cell phone? Plane or train tickets? Passport? A pack of gum maybe? The small zipped compartment in the upper front part of the backpack is perfect for this.

Organizing Your Mess

Extra cell phone batteries? Pens? USB flash drives? Post-It Notes? Keys? All the little stuff you tend to accumulate will be neatly organized in the sizeable zipped lower front pocket of the bag. This thoughtful compartment doesn't just give you space, it has an organizer so that everything has its place. There's even a key fob so you always know where your keys are.

A Place For Your Glasses and Sunglasses

Three places actually. Off to both sides of the bag are two zipped areas big enough for sunglass cases or items around this size. That's two. The third place for glasses would be in the backpack strap itself. there's a handy elastic tab where you can hang your glasses from.

Where Do I Put My Water?

Both sides of the bag has an elastic pocket that can accomodate water bottles or a wet portable umbrella - keeping these damp essentials away from your electronics.

SwissGear A1923 ScanSmart backpack

The Main Compartment

Actually, with this bag, the laptop compartment would be considered the main compartment but this big storage area on the opposite side of the clamshell divide across from the laptop compartment gives you a sizeable amount of space. But it's not this one big space, there's a lot of clever touches in the main compartment.

No Music, No life

Fine, SwissGear responds to that with "No music, no backpack". Near the top of the main compartment is a pouch for an MP3 player. On top of that pouch is a port for your headphones.

Where Do I Put My Tablet Computer? And My Documents Too?

At the back of the main compartment is a generous folder pocket with two dividers perfect for large, flat items like documents. It's not padded, so you should sleeve your tablet computer and it will fit right in. Alternatively your sleeved tablet comnputer could also be placed in the laptop compartment.

The Front Pocket Is Full And I Still Have Too Much Stuff

The inside flap of the main compartment has a mesh divider you can use for even more of your electronics like chargers or for your smaller clothing like socks, underwear etc.

The main compartment itself

Even techies have to change clothes sometime. You are given a generous main compartment for the boring stuff like shirts, pants, jackets - or maybe even more gear.

I Need Help Hauling This Around

And this backpack will help you.

First are the padded shoulder straps. These are specially shaped to give you maximum comfort.

Then we have an airlflow system at the back panel. That's right, an airflow system. This will keep your back well-ventilated.

One handle that you would miss if it wasn't there is the top grab handle. Well, it's there and you would be using this sturdy handle a lot.

This Bag Will Stand Upright By Itself

SwissGear A1923 ScanSmart backpack

Oh c'mon! You know you hate those backpacks that need to lean on something or that slouch like some withered vegetable when you set it down. It's your secret pet peeve. The ScanSmart will stand upright by itself when you set it down. That's a definite plus feature.

A History Of Proven Durability

The SwissGear A1923 Scansmart has been around long enough to see extended use. Aside from offices and business trips this pack has been hiking, mountain bike riding, and camping and has given a solid accounting of its toughness.

The quality of the video below is admittedly not very good but give it a chance and you'll have a better a appreciation of the SwissGear A1923 ScanSmart.

SwissGear A1923 Scansmart Backpack

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