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Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Backpack

mil-tec military army patrol backpack

  • You are looking for a bag for outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, camping, or bugging out.

  • You want a bag with lots of space for long travel and lots of built-in organization options

  • You want the flexibility of M.O.L.L.E. attachments so you can configure your bag to your specific needs.
  • You are looking for a bag to use for a job or business setting that projects a professional and business-like style

  • You are looking for a technology-centric bag for your laptop and gadgets and 36 liters of space is overkill

  • You are not planning to use the PALS webbing to extend the capabilities of your backpack

Welcome to the review of the Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Backpack

Design Philosophy

Squarely aimed at outdoor use, the Mil-Tec Army Patrol is a heavy duty and water-resistant backpack.

Load Capacity

mil-tec military army patrol backpack fully loaded

The pack starts by giving you 36 liters of space. To put things into perspectice small backpacks are around 20 liters while week-long hiking packs come in at around 70 liters.

The 36 liters is divided into two main compartments and two front pockets. Inside the main compartments are mesh and zipped pockets. Inside one of the front pockets is an organizer. You also get a velcro pocket for a hydration pack.

mil-tec military army patrol backpack different angles

Space and utility are extensible through the use of M.O.L.L.E. attachments. PALS webbing surrounds the bag allowing you a variety of attachment options. Here is a sample of extensions you can attach to this backpack:

molle water bottle molle pouch molle flashlight molle utility pouch


We start with padded and adjustable shoulder straps paired with a padded back panel - this is standard for allbackpacks.

You also get a waist strap that can be opened with a clip.

Compression straps are available for volume control and bag fixation, allowing you to underpack this back and still keep it snug.

Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Backpack

Comparing The Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Backpack

The Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Backpack vs. the Protector Plus 40L Tactical MOLLE Assault Backpack

mil-tec military army patrol backpack

The Protector Plus Tactical Assault Backpack only has one big exterior pocket to the Mil-Tec Army Patrol's two. What the Protector Plus does have is specialized compartments for a smartphone and a tablet.

The Protector Plus Assault Backpack has more overall space than the Mil-Tec Army Patrol - 40 liters to the Army Patrol's 36 liters.

If you're bringing gadgets or are pressed for space go for the Protector Plus. Otherwise the storage options and comfort features of the Mil-Tec should be your choice.

The Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Backpack vs. the Mardingtop Tactical Backpack

mil-tec military army patrol backpack

The Mardingtop Tactical Backpack is a good choice if you are looking for a military backpack that has a more conventional design. It looks like a typical backpack with the addition of PALS loops that you can use for MOLLE attachments.

The Mil-Tec Army Patrol is more "hard core" while the Mardingtop is more "weekend warrior".

The Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Backpack vs. the ArcEnCiel 40L Military Backpack

mil-tec military army patrol backpack
ArcEnCiel 40L Military Backpack

The flap over the ArcEnCiel Military Backpack looks a bit awkward but it performs the very practical function of forming a protective rain shield over the zippered compartments. The end result is that the Mil-Tec Army Patrol is a better looking bag.

If you need more space than the Mil-Tec Army Patrol can provide the ArcEnCiel 40L is a definite option - specially if you plan on lugging around a laptop.

If you're going to under the rain a lot go for the superior design of the ArcEnCiel Military Backpack, otherwise go for the sleeker Mil-Tec Army Patrol Backpack.

What Is A Military Backpack?

soldiers in silhouette

A military backpack is about two things: toughness and organization.

Rather than emphasize the use of classic materials, the makers of military backpacks - much like the makers of military ordnance - constantly experiment with modern materials.

Military backpack makers expect their bags to be thrown about in the outdoors and exposed to the elements.

Nylon is a comparatively new fabric and military backpacks are usually made of thick, weather-tough nylon. Nylon is rip and abrasion resistant. When treated, it becomes water-resistant.

Another consideration for military backpacks is accessability of the items you need from the pack - even when you are in the dark out in the field.

In line with this, military backpacks are made with a lot of storage pockets and organization aids. No fumbling about, go to the specialized storage for your item and find it without delay.

A new level of utility comes with MOLLE Compatible military backpacks. MOLLE is a system that allows a pack to extend its utility beyond the pockets and features it already has.

Hiking Backpack or Military Backpack?

soldiers in silhouette

So should you go for a hiking backpack or go military and hike around with those cool camouflage colors? Let's try to figure this one out . . .

As a general rule, military backpacks are made with an eye to utility and toughness while hiking backpacks are made with comfort consideratons.

The one thing that can make a hiking trip "unfun" is carrying a heavy, unbalanced weight on your back mile after mile. In this regard, hiking backpacks choose tough yet light material and they minimize the use of fabric by cutting down on the number of pockets (when compared to military backpacks).

Military backpacks require as many specialized storage pockets as possible and they have to be tough so the fabric used for these packs are typically heavy.

In general, if you're a trekker, hiking backpacks are the way to go.

Military backpacks have other activities in mind, military missions, yes, and also . . .

Bugging Out And The Military Backpack

tent setup

Military backpacks are closely associated with the term "bugging out". But what is bugging out?

Bugging out means to evacuate from one place to another in a hurry. It is abandoning your current location to "head for the hills", oftentimes in an emergency situation.

A "bug out bag" is the bag which you grab, and which should contain all the things to ensure you survive, when you bug out.

The bag is one thing but what you carry in a bug out bag is equally important. Here's a shortlist of the usual bug out bag contents:

Now - looking at the list - it's clear why a military backpack is the ideal bug out bag, bugging out is a survival situation.


Military backpacks are usually described as "MOLLE Compatible". What does that mean? MOLLE, pronounced "Molly", is the acronym that stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. MOLLE is a NATO term for a unique way gear can be attached to the backpack.

Here is a video about MOLLE:

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Military Backpacks

Comparison Chart: Military Backpack Buyer's Guide

Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Molle Assault Pack Tactical Combat Rucksack Backpack Bag 36L Olive Green Utility and toughness make this a good value alternative to more expensive brands.

At 36L, this bag will carry 30 lbs of load. It will feel a bit stiff on first use but it should settle down nicely after a while.

Strong stitching and durable materials are to be found on every part of the bag except the internal mesh pockets which are a bit flimsy. Abrasive contact with rough rock on the trail will not rip the bag material.

This bag is water-resistant only, meaning some water will get absorbed. You can make it waterproof by using a waterproofing product
Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack Designed for day hikes but also used as a vehicle-based 'stand by' bag.

Good overall quality including stitching and zippers. Tough enough to travel with you for years but expect to see heavy wear.

Surprisingly spacious for a small backpack.

Not really MOLLE compatible. MOLLE spacing should be one inch, spacing on this bag is less than half that. Attachments can still be made with some compromise.

Not waterproof.
Monkey Paks Military Backpack Ideal for easy 3 day hikes. Will be tough enough and has just enough space.

Quality is good overall. Zippers, in particular, are exceptionally strong and reliable.

Multiple pockets allow for compartmentalization needs of a bug out bag.

Rubber backed material is water resistant.

Ideal for medium or small builds but bigger guys will find the waist straps a tight fit and will find the overall size a bit small for a multi-day hike.
CVLIFE Outdoor 50L Military Rucksacks Tactical Backpack Assault Pack Combat Backpack Trekking Bag £¨CP£© A strong contender if you need toughness and space.

The materials used and the build quality gives you a sturdy bag. Expect this bag to be on the heavy side because of this.

Attached to the main bag are three detachable smaller packs. One pack can be used as a fanny pack. The main pack is cavernous and is ideal for those looking for maximum space

There is a pouch and a hole for a hydration pack.

The strap system is padded and works well to support hiking for extended periods.
Explorer Tactical Bag, Olive Drab Green, 20 x 11.50 x 11-Inch Bring everything you want including your handguns.

Front and center is the rucksack main compartment which will most likely be able to fit everything you would like to bring.

You also get a lot of extra pockets.

Since this backpack has no compression straps it has to be fully packed to stabilize it for long hikes.

Together with the big space is durability. This bag is a good choice for roughing it.

You get two handgun pouches in the waist strap.
Large Tactical Backpack-Sport Outdoor Military Rucksack Hiking Camping Mountain Climbing Backpack Combined with 3 MOLLE Bags(Tan) A good choice if you need to bring a lot of stuff and need some compartmentalization thrown in.

You get one big space and one medium space in the main compartment. Then you get three detachable pouches. One can be used as a fanny pack. The other two can be attached near your beltline or near your shoulder line.

A strap system is provided to support you in your hike. The hikes won't likely be long ones because the strap padding is not very thick

The detachable pouches are a bit too detachable, supported only by velcro straps. You might want to reinforce those.

This is a firmly structured bag that will keep it's shape even if not fully loaded.
Explorer U.S. Military Level 3 Tactical Backpack, Medium A light-duty costumizable bag with lots of space.

MOLLE compatability and hideaway shoulder straps allow this bag to be customizable

Big enough for a trip lasting several days.

The waist and chest straps are unreasonably short and will need to be extended for big users.

Durability is fine for a day hike but this is not a heavy duty bag.

Additional side handle lets you carry this bag like a briefcase.
3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack MOLLE Compatible for Military Gear, Laptops, Travel, Man Bag Must everything have it's place? Then this is your pack.

You get four main compartments, subcompartments, then pockets. Wonderful choice for a bug out bag.

Tough canvass with robust zippers.

Not waterproof.

Very comfortable to lug around.
ArcEnCiel® 40L Camping Bags Waterproof Molle System Backpack Military 3P Tad Tactical Backpack Assault Travel Bag for Men Cordura (Coyote Brown) A comfortable pack tough enough to stay with you for the long haul.

Tough. This backpack is a good choice if you're going to seriously rough it.

H-type shoulder straps + adequate padding + padded back = a comfortable hike.

Lots of compartments to keep you organized.

This pack is water-resistant not waterproof.
ArcEnCiel® 70-85L Military Backpack Get this bag if space is your top priority.

Truly cavernous space.

Stress points have been reinforced to hold heavy loads.

Five compartments.

Padded straps.

Flap plus drawstring closure combination on top of the bag makes it vulnerable to rain.