Top 10 Most Useful Backpack Accessories


Welcome. The items below have been chosen because people voted with their money to make them bestsellers. Each one is extremely useful and can fit into your backpack. The thing about these items is you can get along fine without them, but with them, you enhance your backpacking experience. Choose wisely and have a great trip!

1. Tumi Astor Cooper Travel Kit

travel kit

Made of quality fabric and leather but the real centerpiece is the exquisite build quality. Wonderful to look at, guaranteed feel-good ownership and undeniable utility.

2. Tumi Men's Quantum Passport Case

passport wallet

Micro-embossed calfskin exterior and smooth calfskin interior. This passport wallet is handcrafted with turned-edge construction.

3. Tumi Luggage Mobile Power Pack

mobile charger

Mobile charging for up to two usb devices. No more worries about finding yourself anywhere in the world with no way to recharge.

4. Dynotag® Savvy Traveler ULTIMATE Gift Pack: A Deluxe Assortment of Smart Tags

smart tag

May you never lose your bag. But if you do, Dynotag allow you to leverage the power of the internet to locate your belongings.

5. Patrona - Shirt Shuttle MK3

shirt protection

It's that shirt that no one in his right mind would pack because it's simply too delicate. But you really need it this ONE time. Well, you really need this shirt shuttle too then.

6. Tumi Weighing Scale

luggage scale

Your weight is fine but your luggage going overweight will cost you, It's not really the money isn't it? It's the principal of the thing. This luggage scale is compact enough to bring along and accurate enough to keep the airline fees at bay.

7. Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set

packing cube

Not enough pockets on your backpack? Add some more with these packing cubes.

8. Maxpedition Gear Tactical Can Case

packing cube

Keep the small stuff together in this portable pocket.

9. Mountainsmith Haulin' Padded Shoulder Strap

packing cube

Is your bag strap a hindrance? Is it removeable? Change it. This strap is rubberized to prevent slipping and padded for comfort. The clasps are designed to be compatible with different kinds of loop hardware.

10. Minimus Adventurer Med Kit

The airport security will like the see-through packaging. You get the ready-for-anything meds inside.

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