Tory Burch Handbags

Here is a shortlist of handbags from Tory Burch ranging from clutches, to shoulder bags, to crossbody bags. The styles are very different but they all share the thoughtful features and high-end quality you've come to expect from Tory Burch.

Tory Burch Robinson

Tory Burch Robinson Small Multi Satchel in Tigers Eye

Tory Burch Robinson Small Multi Satchel in Tigers Eye

Let's start our tour of this Tory Burch Robinson bag by checking the size of it. Literally. This bag is an wonderful compromise between small size and storage. Length and height approximate the dimensions of a letter-sized piece of paper - 11 inches long by 8 inches high. Take a letter-sized piece of paper and set it down lengthwise and you've got the size of it. As you can see, the bag dimensions are sufficiently compact. Carrying capacity is not compromised because of the square construction of this satchel which gives it a depth of five inches. That's tremendously useful space for carrying all sorts of things.

Now let's look at this bag from the versatility angle. The concept at play here is "from work to weekend". For the rush of the working day nothing is more practical than a trendy crossbody that keeps your hands free while you go about fitting nine hours of work into an eight hour day. During the weekend, when things are typically slower, your Tory Burch has the option of losing the straps and going around town with you as a trendy satchel.

The main material used is Saffiano leather. This high-end leather was purportedly invented by Prada himself and sports the signature diagonal line texture. Saffiano leather was meant for business bags and is exceptionally sturdy and durable - the perfect material for a bag that was meant to stay with you whether you're at work or at play.

Inside you'll find several open and zipped pockets to keep you organized. The bag has gold-tone hardware, just enough to underscore it's understated and classic appeal

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Tory Burch Amanda

Tory Burch Amanda Round Crossbody Link Chain Strap Black

Tory Burch Amanda Round Crossbody Link Chain Strap Black

If you're looking for a compact yet stylish crossbody bag then you've found it. The Tory Burch Amanda Round Crossbody will actually give you more than you expect. Overdelivery is typical of Tory Burch handbags. Chances are you don't want anything big, bigger than a wallet but smaller than anything else really. Well this crossbody is approximately 8 inches tall and 8 inches wide. That's the dimension of the shorter end of a letter sized piece of paper. Nice and small just like you need it to be. The Amanda compensates for this by being 3 inches deep. Again, just deep enough to be useful.

This bag can be worn crossbody style, as a messenger bag or you can adjust the straps to carry it as a shoulder bag. There are times when your outfit simply can't be worn with a crossbody so this flexibility should really come in handy.

Let's look at this bag in terms of style, It's described as a "Round" crossbody. This is a beautiful feature that gives the bag an organic look - avoiding the angular impression that you're carrying a small box. There's no arguing with the material. Italian pebbled leather still stands for timeless high-end style. The use of the beautiful Tory Burch logo up front really anchors the design of this bag which is accented by gold tone hardware and a link chain strap.

Open the magnetic snaps on the flap and you get a zippered pocket and two slip pockets for your mobile phone, make-up or whatnot.

The hands-free practicality of a crossover melded with a stylishly designed small bag and the luxury of Italian leather. This bag could be the one you're looking for.

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Tory Burch Dena Messenger Bag

Tory Burch Dena Messenger Cross-body Bag in Magenta Leather

Tory Burch Dena Messenger Cross-body Bag in Magenta Leather

If you're looking for a bag that straddles the line between British-drawing-room formal and twenty-first-century-exciting then the Tory Burch Dena is the bag you want. It achieves a balance between well behaved and open to new things very nicely. Take the material, for example. Can't get any more acceptably classic then leather, better than that, this is distressed leather. The modern twist comes with the choice of color. Attention-getting Magenta allows you to use this bag as a highlight for your carefully chosen wardrobe.

This beautiful Tory Burch bag is actually a versatile three-in-one. Let's see. When walking the busy streets you have the hands-free utility of a cross-body bag. Adjust the the shoulder strap and you have a shoulder bag for going around the city. You simply can't waste the good looks of this bag during formal occasions - take off the strap entirely and you've got a nice clutch bag.

Gold-tone hardware is tastefully, but not excessively, placed around the bag, accenting it nicely. You'll have magnets to secure this bag - three of them, and the placement is quite clever. When the bag is folded, two magnets keep things secure. When unfolded, there is a final magnet securing the opening. Inside you'll have a zippered pocket for your valuables and two open pockets for fast access.

Versatility, looks and utility. This bag definitely overdelivers.

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Tory Burch Ella Tote

Tory Burch Nylon Mini Ella Tote - Black

Tory Burch Nylon Mini Ella Tote - Black

Practicality meets fashion in the Tory Burch Nylon Mini Ella Tote in black. Let's begin with the 'not so big not so small' size of this bag. Nearly square at 10 inches high and 13 inches long this bags gives you a tapered depth that is 4 and a half inches at its widest. It's a wonderful balance between easy-to-carry convenience and carry-everything-you-need versatility.

The practical flair continues with the material used. Nylon is wonderful for a bag that you intend to use everyday. It's easy to clean and resists scratching. Inside, the lining is a cotton and canvas blend. Also inside is a zippered pocket providing additional security together with the bag's magnetic closure.

In terms of design, this perfectly sized bag makes the best use of the Tory Burch logo. The big logo, done in patent canvas, is right in front. The effect is attention-getting but never vulgar. The bag's combination of black nylon and black patent canvas is a black-on-black triumph of design.

Perfectly sized, beautifully designed, and amazingly practical - the Nylon Mini is a part of the Tory Burch tote line well worth your consideration.

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Tory Burch Resin Clutch

Tory Burch Frete Clutch Tory Orange Gold

Tory Burch Frete Clutch Tory Orange Gold

Fretwork has been around since the days of ancient Greece. The design is angular and geometric and is most commonly used for art and furniture. Tory Burch brings this classic design into handbags with this beautifully unique metal and resin clutch.

Clutches, also called minaudieres, are defined as bags without straps or handles. They are typically very small - the size of large pockets. Their size has allowed designers to approach clutch bag design as opportunities to produce bags that seem more like jewelry. That certainly is true for this Tory Burch Frete Clutch.

Differentiating it from most clutch bags and emphasizing the jewelry-like quality is the use of resin. From classical times resin was produced from the sap of trees and has had a lot of decorative as well as practical uses. Synthetic resin has since been developed which allowed for more consistency of quality yet retaining the look of organic resin. The resin in this clutch bag is lacquered for greater lustre.

The fretwork is done in gold tone metal. Inside is a slip pocket while the lining is of silk. The hardcase design is particularly advantageous if you don't want something getting flattened. The bag is secured by a clasp closure.

The material and design of this bag definitely gives it a unique look that's bound to differentiate it from most clutches.

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