Tory Burch Resin Clutch

Tory Burch Frete Clutch Tory Orange Gold

Tory Burch Frete Clutch Tory Orange Gold

Fretwork has been around since the days of the Greeks. The design is geometric and angular and is most commonly used for furniture and art. Tory Burch brings this classic design into handbags with this wonderfuly unique metal and resin clutch.

Clutches, also called minaudieres, are defined as bags without handles or straps. They are typically small - the size of large pockets. Their size has allowed designers to approach clutch bag design as opportunities to produce bags that seem more like jewelry. That certainly is true for this Tory Burch Frete Clutch.

Differentiating it from most clutch bags and reinforcing the jewelry-like quality is the use of resin. From classical times resin was produced from the sap of trees and has had a lot of practical as well as decorative uses. Synthetic resin has since been developed which allowed for more consistency of quality yet retaining the classical look. The resin in this clutch bag is lacquered for greater lustre.

The fretwork is done in gold tone metal. Inside is silk lining with a slip pocket. The hardcase design is particularly advantageous if you don't want something getting squished. The bag is secured by a clasp closure.

The material and design of this bag definitely gives it a unique look that's bound to set it apart from most clutches.

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Tory Burch Frete Clutch Tory Orange Gold