Tory Burch Robinson

Tory Burch Robinson Small Multi Satchel in Tigers Eye

Tory Burch Robinson Small Multi Satchel in Tigers Eye

Let's begin our tour of this Tory Burch Robinson bag by looking at the size of it. Literally. This bag is an excellent compromise between small size and carrying capacity. Length and height approximate the dimensions of a letter-sized piece of paper - 11 inches long by 8 inches high. Take a letter-sized book paper and set it down lengthwise and you've got the size of it. As you can see, the bag dimensions are sufficiently compact. Carrying capacity is not compromised because of the square construction of this satchel which gives it a depth of five inches. That's tremendously useable space for carrying all sorts of things.

Now let's look at this bag from the versatility angle. The concept at play here is "from work to weekend". For the rush of the workweek nothing is more practical than a trendy crossbody that keeps your hands free while you go about fitting ten hours of work into an eight hour day. During the weekend, when things are slower, your Tory Burch has the option of losing the straps and going around town with you as a classic satchel.

The main material used is Saffiano leather. This high-end leather was purportedly invented by Prada himself and sports the tell tale diagonal line texture. Saffiano leather was meant for business bags and is exceptionally sturdy and tough - the perfect material for a bag that was meant to stay with you whether you're at work or at play.

Inside you'll find several open and zipped pockets to keep you organized. The bag has gold-tone hardware, just enough to underscore it's understated classic appeal

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Tory Burch Robinson Small Multi Satchel in Tigers Eye