High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Book Bag

When To Use and When Not To Use A Wheeled Backpack

Consider a wheeled backpack if your journey will be a combination of paved and unpaved walkways. The proportions matter. If your trip is mostly backcountry of stairways with very few stretches of flat ground the wheels will be additional weight that you won't use so go for an unwheeled backpack instead. If you're looking at long stretches of flat ground you will want to be able to set down your pack and use the wheels.

If you do need a wheeled backpack then let me present the High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Book Bag for your consideration.

High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Book Bag

A Bag Made Of Duralite

What is Duralite? Duralite is actually polyester. That's good news. Polyester is the base for a classic tough fabric - canvas. Remember canvas? It's the fabric of choice for rugged living, used to make tents and bags way before nylon was ever discovered. Duralite refers to the particular way High Sierra created its bag fabric. First, they started with 600 denier polyester. Denier is a unit of measure referring to the density of a fabric per square inch. The higher the denier, the denser the fabric, the denser the fabric, the heavier the fabric. 600 denier isn't that dense, so the Powerglide won't be that heavy. In order to make up for the relatively lighter fabric, High Sierra used a waffle weave to make the bag material tougher. The Duralite process tops off with a chemical treatment that makes the fabric water-resistant. There you have it: Duralite - light, tough and water-resistant.

The tough bag material is supported by corner guards and a kick plate.

A Bag With Lots Of Space

high sierra powerglide wheeled book bag main compartment

The Powerglide is meant to a book bag - a textbook hauler for students. Although, it can, of course, be used for general travel purposes, to honor its original design let's illustrate it's capacious space by giving a sample of how much it can carry from an academic point-of-view:

  • 8 (yes, eight) three-ring binders
  • pencil bag
  • lunch bag

More so than any number this should give you a strong sense of how roomy the main compartment is.

A Bag With A Dedicated Compartment For Your Laptop

The fully-padded laptop compartment is called a Cushion Zone and is located in the front of the bag. This anticipates that, at some point in time you're going to lay the bag on its back. With the front location of the computer compartment, your main compartment load won't be crushing your laptop. Laptops of up to 16 inches can be accommodated.

A Bag That Understands That You Need Your Music

There is a zipped MP3 player pocket on top of the bag with a port for headphones so you can listen while you walk. How about some wake up music on your way to work? Or some classical music while touring Versailles?

A Bag With Room For Your Other Stuff

So far you've got the main compartment, a laptop compartment and a MP3 pocket. But this bag has more. A zippered compartment in the front of the bag features an organizer setup with a media pocket, a internal zippered pocket, a key fob and several open pockets.

A Bag That Will Help You Hydrate

Two zippered pockets, one on each side of the bag, can each hold a 500ml liquid bottle. Use one for hydration and use the other for holding your wet compact umbrella.

A Bag That Nice Safety and Comfort Touches

The backpack straps are contoured, ventilated and padded while the grab handles have reflective accents for night saftey.

high sierra powerglide wheeled book bag showing retractable handle

Additionally, the backpack straps can be stored in a zippered area. This is for when you are using the backpack as a rolling bag. This is also for when you want to check-in your bag - the less chance of snagging, the better.

A Bag With A Record Of Quality

Among the many people that have used this bag are two college students. One has been using the bag regularly for 2 YEARS and the other for 3 YEARS. Both use it to haul their heavy coursework. After years of use the bags continue to soldier on.

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High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Book Bag