Seiko 5 Watches

This is my Seiko 5 watch.

Seiko 5 watch

I bought it in 2005 - it's more than a decade old. I wear this watch every single day. It has never been in a watch repair shop - not even for strap repair, olr cleaning, or any kind of adjustment.

It is an automatic, so no battery changes. It is powered by the movement of my hand. When I first bought this watch it was a bit faster than normal so I had to adjust it downwards by five minutes every Monday. Now, it is slightly slower than normal, I have to adjust it down by two or three minutes every morning. Considering how old it is that's pretty impressive.

Here is what it looks like from behind.

Seiko 5 watch

It has a see-through back case showing the movement. Mine has a distinctive "Poseidon" design.

Here is a closer look at the watch face.

Seiko 5 watch

Look how worn and scratched it is. This is my everyday watch, it gets hit and scuffed all the time but it is just always there - my reliable companion.

In case you're wondering, the '5' in Seiko 5 means:

  1. Diaflex mainspring
  2. Diashock system
  3. Automatic winding
  4. Day/Date function
  5. Water resistance

The first two pertain to the watch's durability. Regarding the last item, well, I've worn this watch in the shower many times.

Sieko 5 watches have been around for 50 years. Based on personal experience I can heartily recommend them if you are looking for a tough, reliable and affordable automatic watch. All the watches below are Seiko 5's and share all the qualities that have made my watch such a good timepiece. You just have to pick the style you want and I assure you that you'll have have a watch that you'll never regret owning.

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